Zombies In The Inbox

Cartoon of zombie chasing woman

“Help! Help!”

I was at the computer with the goal of managing my inbox this morning.  Forty-five minutes later here I am, project abandoned, writing this post.  While having 255 unread messages from all over the internet made me feel important, I already knew that the temptation to click on them would not deliver me from evil, but straight into the arms of TMI (too much information).  That information could be dangerous, as determined by whether it added or subtracted from other parts of my life.

Most of the “unread” did not arrive overnight.  They’ve been loitering for days previously, like virtual zombies.  They lie in wait, in various forms of decay, seeking opportunity to eat up my time.  They bribe me with special offers and events, to most of which I enjoy succumbing.  If only the cursed things would not multiply so quickly, my task would be more a pleasure and less a chore.

We’re not discussing the personal and business messages that I eagerly and happily process as quickly as possible.  I’m talking about the other emails – the ones left over that also have things to tell (sell) me.  They add up quickly.  I avoid them because I’d be forced to make decisions for each one. Decisions like, “to read or not”, “to go or not”, “to buy or not” and “to unsubscribe or not” are daunting when I’ve more pressing things to do.  I knew this even before starting. I also knew it would be smarter to ignore the unread.

Image of "free prize inside"

What could it be?

But procrastination does not get the job done.  Time zombies simply must be handled.  I began eyeing  them carefully, one-by-one, while repeating the chant, “Do not click.  Do not click” in my head.  It worked intermittently, so  often I was compelled to quell my curiosity like a kid with a cereal box reading “free prize inside”.  I can’t help it!  Too many times, my mind’s mantra changed from “Do not click” to “Must look inside”.  Nine emails and about an hour later I’m already battle-worn, have a couple more activities to fit into my schedule and oh, by the way…did I have any breakfast yet this morning?

So I removed myself from harm, knowing that the remaining 246 unread emails will grow even bigger before I attempt to tackle them again.  I do not need to eat – I do need to post.  Eventually I’ll exterminate the zombies.  While a clean inbox is a managed inbox, getting back to me (and you!) is more important.

How do you manage the zombies in your inbox?

Have a FABulous week!

Divorced and FABulous Tip of the Week:

Ignoring time zombies means more time to be FABulous!

Quote of the week:

“Use you head; cut off theirs.”

~ Max Brooks, The Zombie Survival Guide

New Places, things:

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New Eateries:

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