Changing Your Personal Style

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There are times in a Divorced and Fabulous life when a change to your personal style is “just the thing”.  Like when you get a job promotion.  Or when you’re busy embracing your new-found freedom after divorce.  Perhaps a friend simply encourages you to try on a new color of lipstick.  Yesterday I witnessed how these three events brought positive personal style changes to three different women at a Divorcing Divas meetup, and I am excited for the upcoming adventures in novelty that each of these ladies are sure to enjoy! Continue reading


Volunteering for “Happily Ever After”

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I’m not kidding.  I was one of about a dozen other volunteers who did it last weekend.  “Happily Ever After” was  the name of the event.  Its purpose was to provide a day of encouragement, inspiration and empowerment for people considering divorce, getting divorced or already divorced.  There were prizes, auction items and goodies for attendees, too.  Lots of them, some valued in the thousands of dollars. Continue reading

Adventures in Novelty – with Bonuses!

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I advocate adventures in novelty because you never know what else it could bring. Last week my adventures brought both exciting new possibilities and opportunities to find new friends to share them with. Continue reading