Walking the Christmas Cookies

Photo of Cookie Walk Sign

A Cookie Walk is a wonderful way to begin the holiday season.  Tim and Carol introduced me to it last year and to a divorced and fabulous friend of ours this time around.  If you’ve never done it, you may be asking, “What is a Cookie Walk?”  If so then I’m glad you did, and I am happy to share our experience with you! Continue reading


Oysters on the Half Shell for the First Time

Photo of Kumamoto Oysters on the half shell

A squeamish proposal or intriguing undertaking?

To eat (raw oysters) or not to eat (raw oysters) – that is the question.  For the allergic or squeamish it is a no-brainer and emphatic “no way!”.  The rest of us are intrigued and more open to suggestion.  I did it last week for the first time, and am sharing it with you as this week’s adventure in novelty. Continue reading

Perfect Holiday Parties 2011 – the Divorced and Fabulous Way!

Photo of Be Merry wall plaque

Live it, love it, be it!

The first part of my November has always been about planning the upcoming holiday season.  I love to jot fun events on my calendar, select my best recipes for entertaining and pot-lucking, and think about special things to do that are exclusive to the last two months of the year.  In years gone by it was all hustle and bustle with a massive gift list, house cleaning, menus for gatherings and decorating my home festively.  Basically, it was a seven week marathon that encompassed everything and everyone possible. Continue reading

Hopping in Hopkins on Halloween


(image via Wikipedia)

Many of my favorite haunts are in Hopkins, Mn.  There’s Nelson’s Meat Market, BT Nails, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Shop Again, Munkabeans and several thrift and consignment shops where you can visit, browse and buy.  If you’re looking for a new tattoo, Electric Dragonland boasts premier artist Shahn Anderson and is reportedly the best place in the Twin Cities to get one.  However, little is said about how frightfully fun bar hopping in Hopkins can be on Halloween.  I did my first official pub crawl there last week, and oh what great fun it was! Continue reading

Volunteering for “Happily Ever After”

Logo for Divorcing Divas "Happily Ever After"

I’m not kidding.  I was one of about a dozen other volunteers who did it last weekend.  “Happily Ever After” was  the name of the event.  Its purpose was to provide a day of encouragement, inspiration and empowerment for people considering divorce, getting divorced or already divorced.  There were prizes, auction items and goodies for attendees, too.  Lots of them, some valued in the thousands of dollars. Continue reading

Whole Foods + Hospitality = A Fabulous Grand Opening!

Image representing Whole Foods Market as depic...

Image via CrunchBase

You’ve got to hand it to founder John Mackey.  He really knows how to throw a pre-opening party.  He should.  He’s opened over 321 Whole Foods stores since 1980.  I was invited to the pre-opening party of one of his newest locations, and it was really fun and informative. Continue reading

Finding Joy in Gently-Used

Thrift Shop Graphic
Resale, recycling, repurposing – Call it whatever you like, it’s Big Fun Treasure-Hunting to me!

Being Divorced and Fabulous in Minneapolis is great because no matter how you choose to spend a few free hours, there are plenty of ways to do it.  I absolutely love resale and looting for treasure in shops with witty names that beckon “Looky here!  Good Stuff in here!  Come in here!” Continue reading

Meeting and Mating via Internet Dating

cartoon of two people speed-dating
“Enough about you…let’s talk about me!”

People meet, mate and date with the help of the internet every day.  So when single or divorced and fabulous men and women want to cast a wider net into their individual dating pools, internet dating can help them find his or her right “catch.” Continue reading