Pick-up Lines as Art – How to Deliver Your Best

Cartoon of two turkeys and one pick-up line

Pick-up lines are like art.  Some are good and some bad.  I’ve been fortunate to have received some of the best pick-up lines ever invented.  I’ve heard some really bad ones, too.  Last week I was given two; one a best and the other a worst. Continue reading


Whole Foods + Hospitality = A Fabulous Grand Opening!

Image representing Whole Foods Market as depic...

Image via CrunchBase

You’ve got to hand it to founder John Mackey.  He really knows how to throw a pre-opening party.  He should.  He’s opened over 321 Whole Foods stores since 1980.  I was invited to the pre-opening party of one of his newest locations, and it was really fun and informative. Continue reading

Adventures in Novelty – with Bonuses!

Giant 'Happily Ever After' Tag

Image by AForestFrolic via Flickr

I advocate adventures in novelty because you never know what else it could bring. Last week my adventures brought both exciting new possibilities and opportunities to find new friends to share them with. Continue reading

Dan Patch Days (Savage) and Blvd Kitchen & Bar (Minnetonka)

The Blvd in Minnetonka, MN - a view of the dining area

This was almost my exact view!

Part of being divorced and fabulous is that you can make snap decisions to try something new.  I did so while out running errands last week.  I spotted the Blvd (pronounced “boulevard” – how intriguing, yes?).  Remembering that one shouldn’t shop for groceries on an empty stomach and having been oh-so-curious about what was behind the sign for months, I strolled in on what became a perfectly fabulous lunch.  I’m glad I did! Click Here for more…