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Hi, I’m Deborah Gibson, and I’m Divorced and Fabulous in Minneapolis!  The great thing about being here is that there are so many things to see and do.  It is especially fun from spring to fall.   The days warm up nicely when cool mornings are kissed by a determined sun, and many of us in the Twin Cities area find our own ways to appreciate as many of them as possible.

I moved here the day my divorce became final, almost five years ago today.  Coming from a rural place, the wondrous variety of people, places and things happily stunned me.  I no longer needed to drive 50 minutes to get to a target (pronounced “tar-zhay”) store – there was one within 5 miles in almost any direction!  The selection of eateries and unique shops were also quite dazzling. I have come to learn that Minneapolis offers a continuous list of events and happenings, one that caters to almost every interest or hobby.  The only way to see it all (if that is even possible!) is to have a deliberate plan.

I was drawn to investigate, explore and introduce myself to this exotic and welcoming venue.  I committed to actively seek one new place or thing and and one new restaurant  every week.  This personal vow allowed me to open my newly-formed wings and become acquainted with my new surroundings.  I practiced this discipline for a couple years almost without falter, and had a fabulous time doing it.

Of course, life sometimes changes intentions, and after a couple years I was so busy I forgot about my vow.  I worked, played, formed new relationships, and wrote an eBook, too  (you can check out the eBook and read part of it here).  I enjoyed a fabulous life!  I still went to places I’d never been and enjoyed a meal or cocktail at a new restaurant, but as a matter of spontaneity, not design.  The weekly plotting of “one new this and one new that” just kind of put itself into my regular schedule without my having to think about it.

The reason I’m blogging is to share how fabulous you and your life can be when you deliberately plan to include variety and novelty into your regular life.  Not only will I renew my commitment to visit at least one new place or thing and restaurant each week, but I’ll also share them with you.  I hope it encourages you to join me and actively seek out novelty and adventure.  You don’t have to be divorced to be fabulous,  and you can have a fabulous life wherever you are!

Enjoy the posts – click on one (see the “Latest Posts” menu at right) to see what they’re about.  I welcome your comments, kudos and suggestions.  Please share your positive experiences with new places and things as you encounter them.

Let’s waste no time and start now, shall we?


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