A FABulous day at MOA!

Photo of Mall of America signage

4.2 million sq. ft, 520 retail and entertainment venues, and celebrating 20 years in 2012!

MOA is a great place to take out-of-town guests because it has lots of things to see and do no matter what your age or interests.  My family and friends spend a day there each time they come from far away to visit.  “Mall Day” is always a pleasant, fun-filled and interesting adventure with them.

I was there recently on a Tuesday for just such a reason.  It was artfully arranged (by me, thanks to the MOA website and a short discussion with my guests) for maximum benefit of all. By checking the mall directory, list of attractions and schedule of events beforehand, I was able to find and plan the places and things my particular guests would enjoy most.

Photo of girls dancing at an Okee Dokee Concert at MOA

Dancing to the Okee Doke Brothers “Bullfrog Opera” at MOA

First, we chose to go on Toddler Tuesday.  Special events and pricing were available for the little ones.  Amanda and Charlotte got to see and dance to a free morning concert given by the Okee Dokee Brothers, and Charlotte got an autographed pre-released copy of their new DVD, “Can You Canoe?” as souvenir.

Next, my group split up.  Amy P., Dad and the girls enjoyed Moose Mountain Adventure Golf, while Mom, Amy G. and I went to Princess Diana:  A Celebration – what we three ladies were hoping to see most.

Afterward our group gathered again to lunch at Famous Dave’s and share with each other.  Then, of course, we split up again.  This time, though, we grouped differently:

  • Amy G. and Amanda went home for a nap.
  • Mom, Dad and I shopped then followed a couple hours later.
  • Amy P. and Charlotte, the more adventurous and long-lasting, stayed at Nickelodeon Universe until just before the Mall closed for the day.  Those two fun-lovers rode the Fairly Odd Coaster an estimated 50 times in about eight hours!

The age range of our group was from 2-71.  We got to be with each other while having fun ‘til we dropped (or in Charlotte’s case, until the mall closed)!  Thanks, MOA, for a really FABulous day!

Mall of America

Mall of America – Nickelodeon Universe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part of being divorced and FABulous is entertaining well.  The Mall of America makes it easy to do so no matter who or how many you’re taking there.  It’s clean, beautiful and filled with lovely activities and photo opportunities.  As an added bonus, it’s a healthy walk, too!

Have you been to the MOA?  What things do you like to do there?

Have a FABulous week!


Divorced and FABulous Tip of the Week:

Make fond memories by sharing adventures in novelty with others!

Quote of the Week:

I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them.
~ Princess Diana

New Places, Things:

Okee Dokie Brothers – Great music, great guys with a great message!

Princess Diana: A Celebration – Divorced and FABulous lady, the tribute was wonderful

Specially Yours – This Hopkins store has the most interesting “must have” personal and gift items!

Regina Marie Williams – My gal pals and I got to see her perform live at a recent special event at Corset.  Regina’s voice is as amazing as her name and smile are beautiful – thanks, too, Corset for gifting me her FABulous CD!

Mercado Central – The warm and welcoming vendors here make shopping their booths so friendly and fun!

New Eateries:

Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill – New to the MOA, but already located in ten other states. The spring rolls are just the right crispy and FABulous!

Pot Belly Sandwich Shop – my neighbor turned me on to this tasty and different sub shop.

Crave (at the Galleria) – Never get enough Crave! As lovely as the Crave downtown!

Urban Eatery – Upscale and with a “front-seat across Lake Street” view of Lake Calhoun, winner of the Diner’s Choice Award 2012 – thanks, Bonnie, for a lovely afternoon and introduction!


6 responses

  1. Yes, The Mall of American still shines among shopping malls. I hear Southdale, the first enclosed mall in the US is getting an update as it is 50 years since it opened. ONly in Minnesota…so we could shop in the warmth of its walls way back then.
    I do remember taking my son to the MOA when he was 6 or 7 years old and it was very entertaining. Now I stop in a few times a year, but it hasn’t lost it luster.

    New this last week or so to me, was Pat’s Tap on Nicollet in Mpls and it has a great HH and was very busy the day I was there with outside dining as well. Lots of beer specialties and they said their burgers are great.

    I also visited the Colossus Resturant near Cedar and 42nd for breakfast with my son, which is an unusual event given his busy world. We sat outside in a bit of a drizzle, which made us think of Scandinavia with only the blankets missing. Great breakfast although it be a very “tiny” spot. Would do it again.

    Oh, I also stopped into Pinstipes in Edina. Bowling Alley, Bociball, Bar and restaurant. No HH as Edina does not permit it. Only appetizers are discounted. Guess they’d rather see us gain a few pounds than have a drink too many!!! I didn’t stay, BUT, they did have blankets rolled up near the firepit for their patrons to use.

    Had a grand time with you at the Mercado and we will need to explore the Global Village sometime too.

  2. UpDate on Edina HH:

    Edina just entered the 21st Century as I heard on the news last night. They lifted the ban on Happy Hours for their restaurants/pubs so they can compete with the neighboring cities. I remember the day when Edina had no liquor available at any establishment…which is WHY so many residents ended up at Bunny’s and STILL frequent it.

  3. Great post, and I love the quote! I visited MOA in August 2012 due to my graduation that was based in Minneapolis! I agree that is the place for “out of towners” and I was not disappointed. Although I did not have time to see the WHOLE mall, I was happy with what I saw!

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