Church Times Three in One Weekend for Me!

Photo of a Church sign

Drat – I thought it counted!

If you came across my internet dating profile, you would read as part of my introduction that “I’m not a church goer – was dragged there on Sundays as a child and consider myself on ‘early release’ for time served”.

It is a sentiment in which many of us can relate. When given the choice as a teen and standing at the crossroads between organized religion or sleeping in Sundays, I chose the latter and haven’t looked back.  I don’t mind telling the truth about it, either.  Being honest is one part of the Christian way I was raised.

Somehow, however, I visited three churches last weekend – one informal and two opposite.  They reminded me of the value of religious fellowship, tradition and teaching.

The first is Friday Happy Hour.  I meet religiously (Ha ha! Get it?) with a group of good friends at the end of our busy weeks and share about them and us.  We go to the same place every week.  Once there, it doesn’t matter whatever crosses we are currently bearing.  We are loved and cared for amongst friends for about two hours each week are therefore okay.

This type of fellowship is technically not at a church, but is very church-like.  That is, we gather, share and feel good.  I am grateful to be part of it.

Photo of St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church

St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church. Minneapolis (Uptown)

Saturday I went to a beautiful little girl’s Baptism in St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church.  It has a spectacular view of Lake Calhoun, as well being spectacularly appointed inside.  The Priest explained the ways of Greek Orthodox tradition before each step occurred.  This made the event more meaningful for me.  Towards the end of the baptism, the priest clasped a necklace with a small silver cross around the toddler’s neck as is customary.

Many religions have ceremonies and traditions that help members follow specific ways of believing.  I enjoyed learning about Baptism as celebrated by the Greek Orthodox faith.

Sunday I was sitting in a pew with a neighbor enjoying the morning service at Calvary Lutheran Church of Golden Valley.  I listened to bible teachings and beautiful music.  Afterwards, we took the elevator to the second floor to view the Holy Week Art Show of about 40 exhibitors.

Photo of Bible and Stand with Art

Judy Duelo’s needlepoint and found four leaf clover!

Two offerings stood out for me.  First, artist Judy Duelo crafted the needlepoint “Mother’s Tree”, and shared an old four leaf clover found within the pages of a family bible.  She was sharing not just her art but also good luck with everyone.

Photo of painting "Drawn by the Light" by Paul Oman

‘Drawn by the Light’ by Paul Oman

Second was the Special Guest Artist Pastor Paul Oman, whose “Drawn to the Light” was done before an audience who had heard the Advent, Christmas and Epiphany promises of Christ in music and word as he worked.  How inspiring, beautiful and FABulous the canvas and it’s story was. By the way, that painting stands about six feet tall and four feet wide!

Afterwards, my friend and I enjoyed a meal at the award-winning Good Day Café.  Sundays are “breakfast all day” and very tasty, indeed!

Photo of Good Day Cafe Awards

And here are some “Best of the Twin Cities” awards!

So for someone who has avoided church for so many years, I managed three in one weekend.  I appreciated the fellowship, traditions and teachings even after avoiding formal church all these years.  And what did I like the most?  The smiles and spirit of welcome and caring that I received at each church.  Besides my regular informal church, I’m inspired to go to more of the formal ones again in the future.

What do you like most about “church”?

Have a FABulous week!

Divorced and FABulous Tip of the Week:

Do even things you have done and not liked – perhaps you will change your mind!

Quote of the Week:

A good man, is a good man, whether in this church, or out of it.

–        Brigham Young

New Places, Things:

St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church

Calvary Lutheran Church of Golden Valley

New Eatery:

Good Day Cafe


One response

  1. Don’t you have a man of the clergy attending Happy Hour? I think he counts!!!! You are in the presence of a holy man more often than you think. I had some guilt on Sunday as well, but went for my walk with Mother Nature around the lake and felt the SPIRIT within me…

    Last week I attended a play at The Camp Cabaret in St Paul on The Complete Works of Shakespeare(abridged) with my friend Steve from San Diego. Was entertaining to say the least. Not sure how they could pronounce Shakespeare backward, but did so at the end of the performance to extend the show to the full hour and a half they needed to fill. Funny!!!
    Enjoyed the food which you could choose from either “The Black Sheep”, The Key”s or Sawatdee all next door to the bar and cabaret.

    I met some old school mates on Saturday night at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Plymouth. One guy came on his Harley with his cute girlfriend and they were crazy about each other. Good to see a 70 year old and his sweet young thing, which she was. Another came with his 30 something wife who came here from Cuba. She, too was a nice, sweet girl. Then there were the ones who had been married for 50 years or so!!!! Anyone who knows me knows what my comment would be about them!!! I was alone, but certainly not lonely.
    Oh, I met another very interesting person of interest at Amore Victoria in Uptown. We had a very PLEASANT conversation about our growing up years since it turned out we were born in the same year. Had much in common although Boston and Minnesota are far different places to live. I’m in the guest list for the next party and welcome to bring a guest as well.
    Ahh! Life goes on and the adventure gets more interesting all the time.

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