A Gathering of Kodak Moments

Tulips and Roses Floral Arrangement

Flowers for a Friend

It was my dear friend Carol’s Memorial, and as she would have loved.  A beautiful venue, many floral arrangements and people who knew her gathered – far more people than seating could hold.  There were poignant touches here and there to remind us of the person she was and how we will remember her.  Most special were the photo collages – Kodak Moments – of the woman we’d come to honor.

Displayed were three large, tri-fold poster boards – one labelled “family”, one “friends” and one featuring my friend with her husband.  Hundreds of photographs were mounted without spaces in between.  Every single picture featured her and her smile, and was painstaking pieced together by her loving daughter and two close family members for a whole day before.   It was an exceptional and much-appreciated tribute truly celebrating the lady we love and will miss.

Thank you Corie, Nikki and Jeremy for your thoughtful presentation.

My friend’s Memorial photographs were not the only Kodak moments that have been in my life recently.  Last post’s visit at Corset was in preparation for my first professional photo shoot.  I’m sharing pictures of the shoot now, and later you’ll see “finished” ones taken.  They are to help me on my career path, which promises to be more exciting every day.

Deborah Gibson at first photo shoot

Deborah Gibson at first photo shoot

My photographer, Keri Pickett, and I had a conversation prior to our appointment.  She spoke of having pictures taken at different times of our lives.  I thought of the cherished portraits of my grandparents hanging in my own dining room.  I agreed with the importance of documenting ourselves as we are, and how those simple records can have value for a long, long time. Thanks Keri, for teaching me and for a FABulous shoot!

Deborah Gibson at first photo shoot (2)

Deborah Gibson at first photo shoot (2)

I also discussed photos with another Divorced and Fabulous gal recently.  She shared a lesson she learned that many of us can relate to.  For a long time she had deliberately put herself behind, rather than in front of, the camera because she didn’t like to have her picture taken.  Years ago she was looking at the times of her life in a series of photos from which she was excluded.  She thought about her family and how she’d deprived them of the record of her being there.  She committed right then to spending more time in pictures rather than merely taking them.  She may not appreciate having her picture taken, but her children and grandchildren would. Thanks, Deb, for sharing what you’ve learned!

Shoes, FABulous Shoes!

Shoes, FABulous Shoes!

Yesterday I stopped at Corset again, and snapped a photo of a display featuring the green shoes I recently purchased there.   Guess what?!   Now they have more styles of similar, stylish footwear!  The attending sales clerk told me that a lady wore her new shoes out and was constantly complimented on them.  Stop in at Corset and try a pair on – they feel so trendy and fun!

I’ll end this post with a couple other enjoyable Kodak moments.  First is a video shared by Fabulous Pat (hi Pat!).  It’s a lovely couple minutes of flowers opening – be sure to click on the link below with your speakers turned on to hear the accompanying music.  Here it is:

The Life of Flowers

Also, click on Little Friends Photos gallery for one-of-a-kind photos of man’s best friend (and some kitties, too!).  I first was drawn to them by an article in Huffington Post about their “underwater dogs”.  Very, very awesome photos and Little Friends Photos also supports a wonderful cause.  Check out their “Saving Pets” page.

I hope you enjoyed this gathering of Kodak moments and what people have shared about them.  Be sure to check back for the next post – it promises to be a goodie!  Or subscribe for free (at right) and it will show up in your email automatically!

What is your personal favorite Kodak moment?

Have a FABulous week!


Divorced and FABulous Tip of the Week:

Include yourself in photos, for they are records of the times of your life.

Quote of the week:

(from the song) “True Colors

“I see your true colors shining through,

I see your true colors, and that’s why I love you

So don’t be afraid to let them show

Your true colors, true colors,  are beautiful like a rainbow.”

New Places, Things:

Photo shoot with Keri Pickett, Photographer.  Keri is in the rough cut of her first feature film – be among the first to learn about it by clicking this link:  The Fabulous Ice Age.  Keri  was already profiled on MN O on TPT and for it!


The Monte Carlo – here’s Open Tables Description and Reviews on what my companion David said could be the first established bar in Minneapolis – click here.  Read another review and see more of it by clicking on the Mpls/St. Paul magazine website.  Loved the copper-topped bar, massive liquor display, friendly service, and of course, excellent company!


6 responses

  1. Carol. Yes, what can one say now, but we were all so privileged and thankful to have known her. I will miss her laughter and conversations of all kinds.

    Deb, I loved the FABULOUS Ice Age trailer and would love to see all of the film. As a little girl I would go with my Mother to see the Ice Follies/Ice Capades in Winnipeg and Minneapolis. I of course dreamed of being one of them one day. Little girl dreams!!!

    I have met, in my wanderings a beautiful woman in her 70’s/80’s who had been Miss Winnipeg and went on to be in one of these ice shows where on one occasion she sat in the lap of Ronald Reagan. I need to catch up with “Izzy” and let her know about this film. She had wonderful stories of her career on ice. I’ll track her down.

    No NEW eateries for me lately, just dinner with 3 friends at Amore Victoria last night in Uptown with temps in the 70’s. What a glorious evening and the rooftop restaurants are hopping. I walked in my neighborhood after dinner just to smell the air and feel the breeze on my face.

  2. Deborah, You are wonderful and it was great to meet you. I love your sense of adventure as well as your sparkling personality.

    Thanks for writing about your portrait photography experience. I am thrilled that you mentioned my documentary film and thank you (too) to Bonnie for the compliments on the film trailer. Bonnie I hope you signed up on my mailing list or please join my facebook fan page — look for the Fabulous Ice Age Documentary Film.

  3. This was the best post to date. I loved the links. They were not anything I would have looked for myself. Thank you for the rememberance of your friend and the realization that all of us have someone who will want to have those “Kodak Moments”.

    Linda Lee

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