Changing Your Personal Style

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There are times in a Divorced and Fabulous life when a change to your personal style is “just the thing”.  Like when you get a job promotion.  Or when you’re busy embracing your new-found freedom after divorce.  Perhaps a friend simply encourages you to try on a new color of lipstick.  Yesterday I witnessed how these three events brought positive personal style changes to three different women at a Divorcing Divas meetup, and I am excited for the upcoming adventures in novelty that each of these ladies are sure to enjoy!

I also found recent reason to change how I present myself to the world.  Tomorrow I’m scheduled to do my very first photo shoot as Author, Blogger, Speaker and Divorce Consultant.  I was instructed to bring around ten outfits top-to-toe to the shoot.  I wanted – no needed – professional help to assemble those outfits and look “just right”.

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Weeks ago I stopped in at Corset for a fun adventure in novelty.  To my surprise and delight, Corset is not just a fashionable ladies boutique, but a personal styling studio.  The boutique is top-notch.  Stylists and business partners Jodi, Diane and Amy are the nicest and most empowering ladies you’ll ever meet.

I returned to Corset for a personal styling session.  I had already filled out a questionnaire about my lifestyle and wardrobe needs.  I brought favorite items from my own closet along with me as instructed.  Jodi had a lovely, large dressing room hanging with possibilities ready when I arrived for my appointment.

The next three hours were heavenly.  I donned outfits at Jodi’s direction while she skillfully  matched them with the clothing pieces I brought and Corset’s own savvy selections.  Clothes were flying on and off, in and out of the room, then (of course) flitting all over the store with me inside them.  It was even more fun when Diane and Amy joined in on our happy project!  Every time I looked in the huge full-length mirror with a different finished outfit, I looked and felt great!  I could never have accomplished these looks by myself by combining retail, sale, consignment and my own items in the ways the Corset ladies did.

Within a day after the session, I had the outfits for the photo shoot plus dress, dating and casual occasions.  I also had Jodi’s notes from our session, so I could easily recreate all the combinations.  At Jodi’s suggestion, I did my first “shoe splurge”, too.  They are named “Charm School” and are absolutely the sassiest!  I’ll be wearing them with several combinations of my new wardrobe, making them versatile and functional as much as they are special.  Here’s a photo (as I couldn’t resist sharing!):
Photo of Poetic license shoes, green with teal jewels

Who knew my ruby red slippers would be green!

A styling session at Corset is better and more long-lasting than any spa day!  I can’t wait to work with Corset again (and I will!).

If you want to look great for a special occasion, upgrade your wardrobe or just shop for clothing and accessories that have been especially “hand-picked” by style experts, Corset Boutique and Personal Styling Studio offers the exceptional products and customer service to do it.  Check them out and schedule your own personal styling session with them – it’s an adventure in novelty you don’t want to miss!

I’ll share the results of Corset’s help with the photo shoot in upcoming weeks…

The personal style changes Susan, Michelle, Joelle and I described above will lead us to even bigger and better adventures in novelty.  I’m not surprised.  After all, all four of us are Divorced and Fabulous in Minneapolis!

What little change or new thing have you done lately?

Have a Fabulous Week!

Divorced and Fabulous Tip of the Week:

Looking good on the outside feels good on the inside!

Quote of the week:

…you’ll discover that what you wore didn’t really matter.  You could have gone in a five-year-old black dress and it wouldn’t have mattered much.  What did matter was your smile, your confidence, and your attitude.  Use clothes and accessories to help you fine-tune these, but use yourself to put your best foot forward.

~ Suzy Gershman, author of Best Dressed: the Born To Shop lady’s secrets for building a wardrobe.

Place and thing:

Corset Boutique and Personal Styling Studio
Personal Styling Session


Cochina Del Barrio, Edina – What a spontaneous and wonderful visit with Divorced and Fabulous Bonnie, with great service from Oscar to boot! The made to order guacamole was fantastic!


3 responses

  1. Can’t wait to see your new wardrobe! The shoes are beautiful and eye catching. Good for leg watching by “leg men”.

    Totally enjoyed our “last minute” get together in Edina. You know I am most spontaneous.

    Met a beautiful lady last weekend on her way to a seminar on the evolution of Minneapolis. The subject was on the near North Side of Minneapolis after WWII and the Jewish/African American population. It showed the reunions of numberous people who had grown up together and later moved out of the neighborhood. I had seen a documentry recently on the subject so we had great conversation.

    On another occasion I met an interesting man from Ethiopia who is an inventor and into the technology world, of which I know nothing. Nevertheless, we had a very interesting, compelling conversation about many mutual viewpoints we had of the world. A world away can be so near when strangers converse. Two new strangers passed my way…Roxanne and Paul.

    Outside these experiences, I am still in a pensive, reclusive existence for now, which is not always negative and what I need right now.

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