Take a Flying Leap (Year) in 2012!

Taking a Flying Leap

Yes, 2012 is a leap year, and it’s the perfect time to take a flying leap!  I’ll be doing it, as will other fabulous women and men.  I hope you do, too.

OMiGosh! They didn't tell me it'd be THAT cold!!

Every Minnesota winter otherwise perfectly normal people fling themselves into icy water for charity.  It’s called a “Polar Bear Plunge”.  Sure it’s uncomfortable.  Sure it sounds crazy.  But those who do it get satisfaction at least two ways – by taking a flying leap and by raising money to help special olympics.

You may not need to take a polar bear plunge to take a flying leap, but don’t let feeling uncomfortable or crazy stop you from doing something new.  Who knows? It could be the next best thing you’ve ever done!

Reality is that no one gets anywhere by standing still.  Change requires action.  Action is attained no matter what the pace – a baby-step, hop, skip or jump all count the same.  The important part is that you move towards achieving the change you desire.

We who are fabulous take leaps frequently.  Our interpretations of what is fabulous may be individual, but we do have a couple things in common.  We seek to make our lives as fun and fulfilling as possible and we’ll step outside our “comfort zone” whether we feel fear or not.

To take a leap is to take a big chance.  To take a flying leap is to succeed at the big chance you’re taking.  It’s not an insult if I tell you to “take a flying leap”.  I mean it as both encouragement and inspiration, for I am really saying that I have faith that you can take a big chance and soar!

One Small Leap for Divorced and Fabulous in Minneapolis…

This is my 29th blog post.  Up to now I have shared 59 places or things and 29 eateries – my adventures in novelty.  (Are you impressed?  I am!)  Doing it was easy and fun.  I enjoyed showing you how I rebuilt my life after divorce in a completely new city and state.

But there are lots of ways to be fabulous and have a fabulous life no matter what your marital status or location.  I’d like to share more of them with you.  I’d also like to answer questions I have received from D&F readers.

I’m excited to change up the blog a little, and hope you enjoy it even more than you have so far!  Perhaps later we’ll look at this change and say, “One small leap for D&F, one giant leap for the fabulous kind”, yes?

May all your leaps fly!

p.s. – I’m considering attending the Subway Bed Race for Bridging in a couple weeks. Anyone care to join me?

Some of my Latest Adventures in Novelty

(Just because I leaped over posting in January doesn’t mean I wasn’t out being fabulous!)

Places, Things:

The Western Guide to Feng Shui

Qi Gong with Lee Holden

Pee Wee Wrestling – 5 year olds at Eden Prairie High School – Absolutely Delightful Saturday Morning!

Book Review for “The Clue Phone’s Ringing, It’s For You

Museum of Russian Art

New Uses


Marbles the Brain Store

Cut Above Home

Eateries, Food:

Turtle Bread Co.

Dino’s the Greek Place

Red Pepper Chinese Restaurant

Honeybaked Ham (the restaurant)

Papa John’s

Annette’s Chocolates Chili Lime Tequila Tortilla Brittle (YUM!).

Divorced and Fabulous Tip of the Week:

Take a flying leap!

Quote of the Week:

One shoe can change your whole life.



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