Why Inspiration is Important to Accomplishment

The word "Joy" displayed on wall

Inspiration is an important part of being Divorced and Fabulous.  If one new place or thing and eatery is the goal each week then we might as well see, do or experience what is interesting to us, right?

People ask me if it is easy to find a new place or thing and eatery every week that I like.  It really is.  I get inspiration from

  • People – whether I know them or not
  • Media – newspapers, magazines, television or the internet
  • My own cache of “things I’ve never done but always wanted to”

Occasionally I run into inspiration by accident, and do a thing “on a whim”.

Let’s use last week as an example.  Gal Pal Carol suggested we go to Bachman’s 2011 Holiday Ideas House.  She likes to go to this special Christmastime event.  I like to go anywhere Carol goes, as she knows some of the most fabulous places.

The Ideas House is presented at different times throughout each year.  You can tour the owner’s original home, which has been made festive for the holiday season.  It chock full of store items and one-of-a-kind decorating pieces, artfully arranged as if someone still lives there.

You’re welcome to take home ideas in your head and on film.  You’re can also purchase the unique pieces “first come, first served” and take them once the tour closes for the year.  Items displayed that are not one-of-a-kind can be purchased in the store on the same grounds and taken home right away.

Besides the “joy” display at the top of the post, here are just a few of the great Ideas we saw there:

Photo of Door Swag with Teapots

Come on in!

Photo of Table Photo Display

How cool!

Photo of book art

How true and easy to make!

The tour brought out the inner crafter in me.  You know who I’m talking about; you probably have one, too.  It’s that voice in your head that says, “What a neat idea!  I could do that!”  The tour inspired me to go home and make a lovely centerpiece for my Dining Room Table.  And who knows?  I just might do some of the other things I saw at the Ideas House sometime in the future.

Which is another reason why inspiration is important to accomplishment.  While achieving my weekly goal of being Divorced and Fabulous, I am frequently inspired to do more of the new things I’ve found.  Perhaps a new thing becomes an important and beautiful part of my fabulous life.  It’s happened several times in the past year, and I am glad each time it happens.

Which is what being Divorced and Fabulous is all about.  Adventures in novelty can help you to discover new passions whether you are rebuilding after a life change or just wanting to enhance the life you already have!

What fabulous new places, things or eateries have you frequented recently?  What inspired you to go?  Did you get more inspiration while there?

New Place or Thing:

Bachman’s 2011 Holiday Ideas House, Minneapolis with Carol

New Eatery:

Smashburger, Eden Prairie on a whim – Had a great Spicy Baja Burger on a very cold day!  Thanks to the gentleman who gave me the lovely compliment- that was so kind!

Divorced and Fabulous Tip #28:

Let Inspiration be your guide!

Quote of the Week:

Every great inspiration is but an experiment.
~Charles Ives


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  1. I absolutely love your header, I got married in the Sculpture Garden, I know this doesn’t really go with the whole theme of your blog, but I just wanted to say hi, and glad to find a fellow Minnesotan 🙂

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