Pick-up Lines as Art – How to Deliver Your Best

Cartoon of two turkeys and one pick-up line

Pick-up lines are like art.  Some are good and some bad.  I’ve been fortunate to have received some of the best pick-up lines ever invented.  I’ve heard some really bad ones, too.  Last week I was given two; one a best and the other a worst.  It prompted me to consider the difference between the two.  Best one are usually more successful.  So for this post I’d like to share how to create and deliver best pick-up lines.

A pick-up line is a first impression that comes out of your mouth.  Its intention is two-fold.  One purpose is to indicate your romantic interest in the receiver, usually a stranger.  Another is to open conversation between you and your object of desire.  As first impressions go, you probably won’t get a second chance.  So if you are going to use a pick-up line to get someone’s attention, put some thought into it and use your best one.

Best pick-up lines grab attention, titillate and seduce.  Worst ones create grimaces, distrust and instant rejection.

Best pick-up lines share common features.  They:

  • Surprise the receiver – by featuring a characteristic that is either not often pointed out or is pointed out in a way the receiver has never heard before
  • Play to the receiver’s ego – by simply being flattering
  • Are said with an air of sincerity – if you believe what you’re saying, you are more likely to get a positive result
  • Stand on their own – they make the receiver feel good about himself or herself whether or not romantic interest becomes mutual
  • Feel like compliments and not overt sexual innuendo
  • Are not printed anywhere on a list of good or bad pick-up lines from any source

You want your pick-up line to be successful.  Therefore, it is wise to consider using these best pick-up line principals.

Case in point:  the two pick-up lines I spoke about at the beginning of the post.

The best one came from a gentleman who risked life and limb (okay, possibly limb) by leaning in front of one handsome man beside me and within earshot of a second standing directly behind me.  His line:  “I hope I don’t upset your partner, but I have to tell you that your eyes are as pretty as Angelina Jolie’s”.  Wow.  I often get compliments on my eyes, but never heard that one before.  Any personal preferences or opinions of the actress aside, she is a powerfully beautiful woman.  To be in the same sentence with her is a compliment, to be sure.

By applying all the principals of best pick-up lines above, bachelor #1 was awarded his opening conversation and a short time later, a first date.  (Note that I was not partnered with either man beside or behind me).

The worst pick-up line was such a dismal flop that, if I had a nickel for every time I have heard it, I would probably have about $2.35, or perhaps enough to buy a cup of coffee.  Here it is:

“That dress looks good on you, but do you know where it would look better?  On my bedroom floor!”

No offense to bachelor #2, but UGH!   That line is so old it has cobwebs on it!

Needless to say that pick-up line didn’t work, and although bachelor #2 did not have to go directly to jail, he did not pass go or collect $200, either.

Image of "go to Jail" card from monopoly game

So  there you have it!  Please consider using “best” pick-up line principles whenever soliciting your romantic interest in another.  To watch the YouTube video on the 75 Bad Pick Up Lines to NOT use, view it by clicking here.

What was the best pick-up line you ever heard?  Was it yours or did someone say it to you?  I’d love to hear it!

New Place / Thing:

Acupuncture with Diane Tanning, RN, MS, L.Ac. – It’s not painful, and I found it to be a profoundly helpful experience so far.  I was surprised to fall into what is called “the healing sleep” last week as part of my visit.  Healing sleep helps you receive maximum benefit during treatment.  I love Diane’s obvious extensive knowledge and caring, which is what she is known for!

New Eatery:

318 Cafe, Excelsior – When Bachelor #1 found out I was Divorced and Fabulous in Minneapolis, he asked for the privilege of introducing me to the best chicken tacos and Chianti combination around.  He was right – it was very good!  And according to one of its owners, 318 has really great acoustics for the visiting musicians that play there several nights a week.  Thanks for a lovely time, Sir!

Divorced and Fabulous Tip #27

First impressions are important – make the one that comes out of your mouth is a good one!

Quote of the Week

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”


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