Walking the Christmas Cookies

Photo of Cookie Walk Sign

A Cookie Walk is a wonderful way to begin the holiday season.  Tim and Carol introduced me to it last year and to a divorced and fabulous friend of ours this time around.  If you’ve never done it, you may be asking, “What is a Cookie Walk?”  If so then I’m glad you did, and I am happy to share our experience with you!

The members of a certain Lutheran church (I was sworn to secrecy – sorry!) in the Lake Nokomis area bake thousands of Christmas cookies every year and offer them for sale.  The proceeds go to their charitable works, of course.  If you are in line at precisely nine a.m. on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, then you get to be among the first to pick from the homemade goodies.  We were.

For a small fee you get a “to go” container, plastic glove and large rubber band.   Two boxes is the limit.  Then you can fill each container however you please with a gloved hand.  Check out the table as I saw it from one end!

Photo of Christmas Cookies displayed for Cookie Walk

Who could Resist? Not me!

The yummy morsels never run out – they are replaced almost as fast as they disappear by volunteers!

You are finished with a container when it is full but not overflowing.  The rubber band goes around your box of cookies to keep them from falling out!  Then you take your cookies to the car and come back to shop the vendor booths and/or rummage sale that they also host for charity.

Once home, you can freeze and use the cookies for hosting or gifts from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  I’m talking about the cookies that don’t disappear in your own mouth, that is!

Thanks, Tim and Carol, for sharing.  I love the annual cookie walk, and appreciate the fun outing with you!

Have you ever “Cookie Walked” before?  Does it sound like fun to you?

New Places / Things

Excelsior Christkindlsmarkt – A three-day open air Christmas Market with a German theme!

Alpha Company 2-147th Assault Helicopter Battalion Departure Ceremony for Operation New Dawn.  I am so proud of my brother!

New Eateries

Orange Julius, Eden Prairie – mine was Pina Colada!

Buffalo Wild Wings, Chanhassen for the Michigan vs. Ohio State game.  It was so sensational that I could only eat one of the  mango-habanero wings.   For a delightful bonus and when Michigan won, half the restaurant belted out the Michigan Victory song!  That was an excellent way to watch a game, Tony – thanks!

Photo of B-Dub's Mango-Habanero Wings

"Feel the burn, savor the sweet: two sensations, one sauce" says Buffalo Wild Wings

Jake O’Connors, Excelsior – Very yummy potato soup and tenderloin sandwiches shared with friends in a beautiful Irish Pub.

Sebastian Joes, Uptown – My sister-in-law worked here years ago and was the perfect person to “give me the scoop”!  They excel in homemade ice cream with exotic-sounding flavors so interesting it’s hard to choose just one. I had a Chocolate Cinnamon Peanut Butter Pretzel cone (that’s ONE flavor), and it was dee-licious!  So John, I finally made it there – told you I would, yes?

Divorced and Fabulous Tip of the Week #26

Whether you swap them, walk them or bake your own, never forget the importance of Christmas Cookies during the holidays!

Quote of the week

Cookies are made of butter and love.

~ Norwegian Proverb


2 responses

  1. Another spot to check out – a chain of sorts – Craves.
    A favorite of an attorney friend who got several of us together to have a glass of holiday cheer and a bite to eat for dinner last night.
    Usually NOT of a fan of chain outlets of any kind – but these folks have done it right – at least at the Wes End location.
    The “sliders” were the best I have ever had in any place that requires a health inspector to show up every now and then. Cooked to perfection -exactly as requested. So good in fact that we had several rounds of them – not the biggest sliders in town. But all the guys – all seasoned foodies and gastronomes – gave them a 5 star rating – which is exceptional as we usually use a 4 star rating scale.
    The service was very good and I do not say that very often.
    We had single malts prepared James Bond style – shaken not stirred and served in chilled martini glass. This method takes a bit of the edge of some of the industrial strength malts. As single malt aficionado I find this method more then adequate – occasionally. Definitely not for the whisky purists and hardcore single malt devotees. The malts that we savored would retail somewhere in the $200 a bottle range – so they need to be handled with care and served appropriately.
    Crave – in my humble opinion – is the crown jewel of the West End.

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