Oysters on the Half Shell for the First Time

Photo of Kumamoto Oysters on the half shell

A squeamish proposal or intriguing undertaking?

To eat (raw oysters) or not to eat (raw oysters) – that is the question.  For the allergic or squeamish it is a no-brainer and emphatic “no way!”.  The rest of us are intrigued and more open to suggestion.  I did it last week for the first time, and am sharing it with you as this week’s adventure in novelty.

Trying anything that is an acquired taste, especially exotic things, is best done in the company of a knowledgeable pro.  I have learned this from such delicacies as single malt scotches, cigars and fine chocolate.  Lucky for me, my dinner partner was well-seasoned in the art of eating oysters on the half shell and wanted to allow me this experience.  His knowledge, encouragement and participation made my first foray into slurping and swallowing bivalve mollusks (invertebrate animals) a success.

To start, he masterfully chose the type of oyster, Kumamoto, from about a half-dozen options.  It is smaller, sweeter and good choice for a beginner.  He also guided me through the accompaniments and eating of them.  My first swallow was pleasant and not slimy as I had expected.  By the third oyster I was simply delighted with myself and feeling just plain powerful.

We did this at the recently-opened Pittsburgh Blue in Edina, by the way.  I also enjoyed a steak that melted in my mouth and excellent Cabernet-Shiraz blend, of course chosen by my escort that evening (he knows his wine, too – how cool is that?!).

A glass of red wine. Photo taken in Montreal C...

Image via Wikipedia

The actor Vincent Price once said that raw oysters are “a manly appetizer”.  My companion commented that it is seldom that a woman likes them.  Perhaps it happens because eating uncooked meat is not for “sissies”.  Or it could be that oysters are loaded with nutrients that boost testosterone and is something ladies don’t need an abundance of.  I was happy because I love to try new things and pleased that I had done so.  Now, with my first taste of oysters on the half shell over and any fear of them gone, I can chose to do it (and do it right) again and again if I please!


Will I eat raw oysters again?  Sure I will.  I’m curious about the other types and tastes of oysters.

Do oysters have aphrodisiacal effect?  I couldn’t tell – my escort already affects me that way.  But I intend to do more research on this particular issue.

Would I encourage you to try oysters on the half shell?  Of course!  You won’t know if you like them until you try, and trying new things is what being divorced and fabulous is all about!

Now it’s your turn.  Ever tried Oysters on the half shell?  Would you?  If you did, how did you feel about your experience?  I’d love to know!

New Thing –

Eating oysters on the half shell

New Eatery –

My Burger.  I had a yummy “Smoke Burger” (smoked gouda, smoked bacon, smoked garlic aioli) and chocolate malt at this new Uptown eatery.  Very good, very fun inside with very friendly servers!

Divorced and Fabulous tip #25 –

Adventure is not just doing a new thing.  It’s about the possibility of discovering new passion.

Divorced and Fabulous Quote of the Week –

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

~Amelia Earhart


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