Hopping in Hopkins on Halloween


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Many of my favorite haunts are in Hopkins, Mn.  There’s Nelson’s Meat Market, BT Nails, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Shop Again, Munkabeans and several thrift and consignment shops where you can visit, browse and buy.  If you’re looking for a new tattoo, Electric Dragonland boasts premier artist Shahn Anderson and is reportedly the best place in the Twin Cities to get one.  However, little is said about how frightfully fun bar hopping in Hopkins can be on Halloween.  I did my first official pub crawl there last week, and oh what great fun it was!

I started out with a winning pair – two kings – already in hand.  One escort was dressed as “The King” (Elvis) and the other a Pirate king.  They are Divorced and Fabulous too, by the way!  I threw a wreath of flowers around my neck so I could be either Elvis in Hawaii’s Number One Fan or a Pirate’s Island Native.  It may not have been an official costume, but at least I could say I got “lei’d” before I stepped out for the night!

If you’re not familiar with bar hopping, the term is pretty literal.  One simply goes from one bar to the next and back again as you like, preferably as part of a group.  Our itinerary included Mainstreet Bar and Grill, Hopkins Tavern and Wild Boar.  We made a loop and revisited the first two, stopping short of seeing Wild Boar in full swing.

My companions and I were smart about bar hopping in several ways.  First, we didn’t drink and drive.  Instead, we were chauffeured there and back by the Pirate’s son and Dan the Taxi Man.  Second, we ate early in the evening prior to consuming much alcohol.  Third, we stayed together.  This was more because they are SO FUN than anything else, but in retrospect is probably a good idea anytime you’re drinking in public.  And fourth, because we would be walking up and down Main Street, I dressed in 3″ (vs. 5″) heels and donned a warm coat as the rest of my clothing was minimal.

mad hatter
Image by **tWo pInK pOSsuMs** via Flickr

Other than that, we drank, danced, laughed and enjoyed everyone else around us, “feeling the love” so to speak.  Many people were dressed in Halloween garb to enter one of the “best costume” contests.  My escorts were very much in their separate characters – Elvis sported a fabulous sequined,tailored white pant suit and cape with a custom-made belt, and the Pirate craftily drew on his black eye patch so he could still see out of both eyes!  I also saw a replica of Johnny Depp’s “Mad Hatter” that was so well done it could have been him!  I still can’t tell you whether the person underneath was a man or woman, but wow!  He/she looked fabulous!  From what I could tell, everyone was out to let loose and have a really good time – and we did!

Thanks so much, Rocky and Joe, for showing a Divorced and Fabulous lady how to Hop in Hopkins on Halloween!

New Place / Thing

Bar Hopping on Halloween

New Eatery

Mainstreet Bar and Grill – take a look at their big menu – especially their “special” specialties!

Divorced and Fabulous Tip #23

One escort is good – two is better!

Divorced and Fabulous Quote of the Week

“Everybody have fun tonight!  Everybody Wang Chung tonight!”

(from the song “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by Wang Chung – watch the video here!)


2 responses

  1. Sounds like you were “Queen for a Day” with 2 Kings on your arm. Lucky you…Hopkins is a great crawl for pubs, antiques, etc.

    I had a quiet week, but decided to check out Edina which is now close to my home, but didn’t quite get into the places I tried. Checked out the “50th Street Cafe” which used to be “Pearsons”. I had quite a few meals there with my parents/grandmother when they came to visit. I stopped in around noon and it was nice to see they have the same decor as days of old. They close at 3pm. I peeked in next door to “The Pig and Fiddle” which I understand is a cousin to “The Muddy Pig” in St Paul. Looks like a great addition to Edina.

    I also stopped one night at “The Chatterbox” on France and “WOW” was that a step back in time. A cafe…bar???? Interesting old photos on the wall. Very interesting for an Edina address.

    Oh, I also stopped in at the “Turnstyle” near 45th & France as well as “Tuesday Morning” next door. Found a great leather coat and hat for winter, all a total of $22.

    Can’t wait for next week, but will probably be much quieter.

  2. Hey Bonnie!

    It’s fabulous that you enjoy adventures in novelty as much as I do – thanks so much for sharing with us!

    Btw, “The Chatterbox” sounds like a place we should meet sometime for a sip and bite, yes? And congrats on a great deal at “Turnstyle”!

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