A Skinnier Me Thanks to my Hairdresser, HCG and Vivify

This is my confession and skinny about the HCG diet that has been “all the buzz” recently – I did it, I loved it, and I’ll do it again if I ever need to!

Image of The Weight Loss Cure Book via Google Books

I first read about HCG a couple of years ago in Kevin Trudeau’s book, “The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About”.  I love Kevin and his books, by the way.  At the time of his writing (2007) HCG was not available in the United States because the FDA wouldn’t allow it, even though it had been used virtually everywhere else for over 40 years.  I figured that running over to Europe for HCG was a little bit unreasonable, and so put thoughts of the “weight loss cure” out of my mind.

Photo inside Lili Salon, Hopkins, MN
Lili Salon is the Best in the Twin Cities!

At a recent hair appointment at Lili Salon, my hairdresser shared how he had lost about 40 pounds in record time with HCG and who had helped him do it.  I called Vivify the very same day.

Vivify is under the medical direction of Dr. Martin Rimestad, MD and has a branch office in Edina, Mn.  Denise is the nutrition and lifestyle coach I worked with, and Robin is the founder of the Mind:Body Method of using the HCG protocol.  I went in, was cleared to start the protocol, got both HCG and the knowledge to use it.  I learned a lot from Robin about how the body and mind works in relation to food, and how they would work differently during the protocol.  I also learned from Denise how to use HCG in the most safe and effective way for me.

I have lost 20 pounds during the protocol!  Susan, a fabulous fellow “protocol-er”, has lost 34!  We started the same day and have only been at it about six weeks.  We are, effectively, done with the hormone and can eat how we please now.

From the moment I visited Vivify, it has been an uplifting experience.  Denise has been in regular contact, monitoring my health and answering questions.  As part of the protocol, I was given a notebook written by Robin to record my food intake and continue my education on a weekly basis.  These two caring ladies were integral to my and Susan’s success (thanks so much, Ladies!)  Now our bodies and minds have been “reset” and retrained in our relationships with food.

The HCG protocol from Vivify is a permanent solution to weight reduction.  Like Mr. Trudeau maintains, it is an obesity cure.  And while naysayers will say that 500 calories is too little or HCG may give you headaches or hair loss, I didn’t have any negative side effects.  Susan didn’t report any, either.

For this week’s eatery I visited YoYo Donuts and Coffee Bar, where I had the intriguing Maple Bacon Long John in celebration of National Donut Month.  Mpls St Paul Magazine listed YoYo Donuts the Best of the Best for 2011.  CityPages listed the Maple Bacon Long John as its number 72 of 100 favorite dishes for 2011.  Neither award is easy to get if you consider how many donut shops and dishes are available in the Twin Cities.  Congratulations YoYo Donuts on your delicious work so far – I very much enjoyed the Maple Bacon Long John!

And by the way, thanks to Denise, Robin and Vivify, I ate that fabulous donut without guilt and didn’t gain an ounce!

I’d like to end this week’s post by sending a special hello to three of my favorite people at Lili Salon – William, Lisa and Bea – you and Lili Salon are awesome!


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