Finding Joy in Gently-Used

Thrift Shop Graphic
Resale, recycling, repurposing – Call it whatever you like, it’s Big Fun Treasure-Hunting to me!

Being Divorced and Fabulous in Minneapolis is great because no matter how you choose to spend a few free hours, there are plenty of ways to do it.  I absolutely love resale and looting for treasure in shops with witty names that beckon “Looky here!  Good Stuff in here!  Come in here!”

My personal jewels among the gently-used in the Twin Cities are:

Goodwill (Every Tuesday around here is $1.49 day!)

Turn Style Consignment (Cool fashions for you and your home)

Clothes Mentor (Designer tags without designer prices)

Shop Again (My absolute favorite place to shop for clothing)

Half Price Bookstore (and magazines, music and videos)

Play It Again Sports

Once Upon A Child

Mainstreet Consignment

Of course, I’m always up to exploring a new one, so last week Cindy and I made our first visit to The Prop Shop in Eden Prairie, MN.  Its name is unusual compared to other resale venues because it reflects not the type of items it offers, but the mission the store’s proceeds fund.  Non-profit and mostly volunteer-run, The Prop Shop has given approximately 4,000 bags of clothing and pieces of furniture to families in need each year for the past five years.  Families referred to The Prop Shop can get items there free of charge.

You help The Prop Shop by donating your stuff, volunteering your time or making purchases.  Cindy and I chose the latter.  What a treat!  Clothing for everyone in the family, excellent decorating items and furniture, jewelry, toys and games, books – even Halloween costumes in excellent condition.  There’s no need to dig for treasure, either.  The Prop Shop’s items are artfully displayed and in logical sections and orders.

And by being located in Eden Prairie, Money Magazine’s Best Place to Live in for 2010, the brands and quality of the donated items were as you might expect – far above average.  The Prop Shop was also recently voted Eden Prairie’s best place to give back to the community in the Twin Cities’ Metro Magazine.

After our resale adventure Cindy and I lunched at the Prairie Ale House.  The menu was interesting because at first glance the items appeared pretty regular.  It was when we read the menu‘s descriptions that the uniqueness stood out.  We ordered two entrees, then halved them and shared.  A meatloaf sandwich  and macaroni and cheese (with ham and jalapenos) never tasted so good!

The Prop Shop and Prairie Ale House was a lovely afternoon spent in Eden Prairie with good company.  The bargains we each took to our prospective homes only added to the day’s enjoyment!

Where is your favorite place to resale?  What was the best gently-used treasure you ever found?


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  1. I visited the Steeple People store at the corner of Lyndale & Franklin in Mpls sponsored by the Methodist Church in Loring Park. Was on my way to Rudolph’s where they have great ribs of course and 2 for 1 HH until 7 pm. The Steeple had a tin play house similar to one I had as a child for $45. I resisted as no room and no grandaughters. I have vivid memories of the furniture I had for it.
    I have shopped a lot at Goodwill furnishing my son’s apt when he was in school and my own apt when I moved back from the Lake House. Yes, the area in which the store is located means a lot too. I didn’t know until this year they don’t send everything to a center location as they once did.

    I look forward to visiting the places you have mentioned in the near future.

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