Wacky, Wonderful Food On-A-Stick

The Minnesota State Fair is the second largest in the U.S. and consistently has the largest daily attendance. Within it is a special tradition Minnesotans indulge themselves each year.  While some citizens of the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” buy tickets for the Midway and Kidway, view exhibits of 4H’s latest and greatest, hear music from top-notched entertainers and shop-til-they-drop for the cool and unusual, the smart ones are doing those things while biting into great fair food. Once a year we (the smart ones!) prepare for and delight in our favorite fair foods on a stick.

Long ago were the days when cotton candy, caramel apples and corn dogs ruled. Today’s choices for food on-a-stick are plentiful. You can even have items on sticks that are not even food at all!  Whatever you might do at the Fair is decidedly more fun with a magical wand of food in your hand. It tastes good. It feels right. And every year vendors come up with new and interesting choices to tempt us.

While I go to the fair every year (okay, I’ve missed one in the last five), I have never gone with the intention of just photographing “on-a-stick” offerings. This week’s post shares just some of the wacky and wonderful options among the 312 food carts gal pals Cindy, Bonnie and I deliberately found for you!

photo of the Minnekabob vending booth

Artfully disguised prairie meat!

Photo of Big Fat Bacon on-a-stick

Big Fat Bacon served on-a-stick

Photo of Pizza on-a-stick

Snack on Pizza on-a-stick

Photo of Spaghetti and Meatballs on-a-stick, S'mores on-a-stick

Dinner and Dessert!

Photo of Walleye on-a-stick

Fish sticks? No, fish on-a-stick!

Photo of Gator on-a-stick

Another water-dweller (only the brave need apply )

Photo of Summit on-a-stick

Not a mountain top - Beer!

Photo of  Mocha on-a-stick

Fancy coffee on-a-stick, too!

Photo of Puff Daddy on-a-stick


Photo of Pinball on-a-stick

Games on-a-stick?

Photo of Definitely Nothin' on-a-stick

Booth for on-a-stick Protesters

Photo of Candy Bar on-a-stick

A sweetie served by a sweetie!

What a fabulous and delicious adventure in novelty!

Take a look, then vote on your favorite booth, okay? Please share by commenting – We’d love to know!


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