Adventures in Novelty – with Bonuses!

Giant 'Happily Ever After' Tag

Image by AForestFrolic via Flickr

I advocate adventures in novelty because you never know what else it could bring. Last week my adventures brought both exciting new possibilities and opportunities to find new friends to share them with.

For my adventure doing a “thing”, I attended a Divorcing Divas committee meeting for their upcoming event. I was generously invited by Christine Clifford, one of two founders of the group, so I could get acquainted with their group and annual “Happily Ever After” conference.

If you are in or around the Twin Cities on Saturday, October 15th, you won’t want to miss it! Not only is it a full day of fun, food, shopping, auction items and prizes, but also education and resources to help you with your divorce and after! Get online, check it out and get registered – I’ll be there, for sure!

I enjoyed learning about the great speakers, vendors and prizes (and the lists are fabulous in each category!), and was especially touched by the openness and caring of the ladies of Divorcing Divas. These are women donating their time and effort to produce a classy and top-notched happening. Their combined goal is to help and inspire those who are divorcing or have already divorced, just like me! I felt instant kindred, and look forward to learning more about Divorcing Divas and its members.

I’d like to give special thanks to Christine, Michelle and Susan – thanks so much for connecting with me! I look forward to joining you in your own adventures in novelty soon!

I also got to spend time with Cindy this week. Our friendship is new, as we met during the Lake Harriet Bandshell adventure (thanks, Bonnie!). We bonded immediately, and have been building our friendship ever since. We took a patio table at the fabulous lakefront dining venue Maynards in Excelsior. And although it was a “back to work” Monday, the restaurant’s tables were perpetually busy with guests.

Photo of Maynards patio dining area

Maynards patio, courtesy of Maynards, Excelsior, MN

The weather was agreeable, and my seafood salad was delicious. Our lunch allowed us to get to know each other better. We also scheduled other future adventures together.

By committing to doing one new thing and eatery last week, I was able to meet, connect and establish some lovely new friendships. I was also able to plan for new adventures for future posts. Often there are many bonuses to pursuing adventures in novelty – that’s why I suggest them highly!

What new experiences have you had lately? Did you meet anyone interesting while doing it? Please share by commenting – we’d love to hear it!


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