How to be a Favorite Aunt or Uncle

Sweet Retreat Cupcake Boutique congratulatory cookie bouquet photo

Congratulatory cookie bouquet from a neighboring shop

A famous quote by Thomas A. Edison is “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. This week’s post begs to differ. The inspiration was ninety-nine percent and perspiration only one.

The inspiration presented as a new thing, when I stopped on a television show called “Cupcake Wars”.

I may have kept flipping through channels, but I spotted a pleasant lady named Robin introduce herself as the owner of a specialty shop in Edina, MN. I had a Scooby Doo moment – my headed tilted to the side with ears perked, and my inner voice exclaimed “whaaaaaat? Her store is right here!” It’s not often that my life connects to people on tv, so of course I rooted for her throughout the reruns and right to the grand finale. Robin was so good at her craft that she made it all the to the end!

Inspiration morphed to determination. I would go to her shop delightfully named “Sweet Retreat” to enjoy her top-notched specialty.

The next day I popped the shop’s address into my schedule. Sitting in the midst of the fashionable France Avenue and 50th shopping district is Sweet Retreat. It’s “cute as a cupcake” awning and windowed display welcomes one inside.

Once across the threshold, it is hard to choose where to go first. There are several sample cakes to “ooh” and “ahh” over at left. You can sit at a large observation window and watch bakers decorating separate commissioned cakes on your right. But of course, I chose to go straight ahead to the cupcake display, which is the heart of the store and three cases long.

And guess what? Moments later out came Robin who had been on my tv. just yesterday! I got to meet and congratulate her on a job well done! What a lucky bonus for me!

Then it was back to the cupcakes. There were about thirty kinds. This is where the perspiration and hardest part of my adventure kicked in. Which flavor or flavors to choose? With such yummy descriptors as:

Monkey Business
Coo Coo for Coconut
Robin’s Red Velvet
And Salted Caramel Dream

it was hard to settle on just one. So I didn’t. After careful consideration I opted for a box including:

Cookies and Cream
And one vanilla with chocolate

to share with my brother’s family.

The result – Fabulous! My adventure in novelty was a success! Thanks so much, Robin, for inspiring me to visit your shop – I’m confident now that I am a Favorite Aunt!

By the way, as for the cupcakes themselves, pictures speak louder than words. They were

photo of nephew eating cupcake


photo of niece eating cupcake


photo of niece with cupcake wrapper


What’s your favorite cupcake flavor? Have you ever met someone who has been on tv?


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