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Recipe Card 7

Image by thepeachmartini via Flickr

Want the recipe for a perfect summer day in the Midwest?  All it takes is:

One warm and sunny forecast – that actually happens
Two planned events – separated between morning and afternoon
Three different vehicles – for travel to different places
Four Divorced and Fabulous friends – copious amounts preferably

Combine it all into one Saturday and sprinkle novelty throughout.

Voilà! (Pronounced “vwah–LA”, in case you’re wondering).  That’s all you need to enjoy a perfect summer day!

I had one last weekend with Brother Timothy, Carol, Olivier and Bonnie.

Before I share more about adventures in novelty, let me introduce my companions a little more to you.  They are my favorite friends in Minnesota.

Brother Timothy is is a brother that can “marry, baptize and bury”.  Olivier (notice the letter “i” in there) was born and raised in France and has a rich voice with an accent that easily attracts the ladies.  Carol and Bonnie are simply my “closest and dearest”, and have personal qualities I can only aspire to.  As long-time residents, they are all wonderfully entertaining and experts in the best places to go and do around the Twin Cities.  With them I often get to see and experience new places and things that I probably would never have found on my own.

So last Saturday morning Brother Timothy, Carol, Olivier and I jaunted over to Chanhassen in search of fresh vegetables and cut flowers. Here’s what they shared with me:

• The Arboretum’s Summerhouse Garden Market
• Chanhassen City Center Park’s Farmers Market
Eckankar’s world headquarters, complete with contemplation trails and gold pyramid-shaped temple of Eck
Paisley Park Records, aka the artist Prince’s recording studio
Axel’s Roadhouse
• The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

We stopped at the Garden and Farmers markets. One booth at City Center Park had the most beautiful cut flowers I’ve seen this summer.  I purchased a bunch of my very favorite Gladioluses, and Tim got Carol two bunches – one of Gladiolus, one delightfully full and mixed.  The rest of the stops could each be a new adventure on a different day.

Later Bonnie and I got dropped off (thanks, John!) in the downtown theatre district on Hennepin Avenue.  Although it was hours earlier, the marquees and sidewalks were humming in anticipation of this night’s scheduled events.  She and I were there to see Chris Isaak in concert at the State Theatre.  But to do the district right on a Saturday night, it was imperative to dine at one of several excellent restaurants located there.

We chose Crave, then toured the inside, rooftop and private dining areas before settling on an air-conditioned window-side view of the street.  Crave is artfully decorated and one of the finer dining options in Minneapolis. It commissioned Andrew Brott to create spectacular blown glass chandeliers and other glass sculptures throughout. Specialty cocktails and dishes we chose were dazzling and delicious, too.

This day’s main event, though, was the concert.  A lovely and intimate theatre, Chris Isaak performed not only some of my favorite songs but everyone’s favorites from his predecessors Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and others.  He has a new album coming out in October, which I highly recommend based on what we were hearing.  Bonnie and I even got to hear and watch him sing within about eight feet away from us!

As a perfect ending, we walked over to Nicollet Avenue and toured Brits. I had heard much about it, but had never been. Then we jumped in a cab (another first in Minneapolis for me!) and said goodnight.

As I said at this blog’s beginning, last Saturday was a perfect summer day. Cooperating weather, planned events in novelty with bonuses, three different cars and four divorced and fabulous friends combined to make it so.  Feel free to click on any of the links to learn more about the novelty I encountered that day.

Have you tried anything new lately?  Ever had a perfect day by novelty?  I’d love it if you shared with us!


2 responses

  1. I had to comment on the arboretum which since the 70’s has always been a place for reflection. In its primitive days, I would sneak in during my breaks while working in Excelsior; as on weekdays the place pretty much belonged to anyone who wanted to “be alone”. Loved the Minnesota Wild Rice Soup on a snowy day overlooking the snow filled trees and hills. Oh, the Minnesota Blueberry Muffins were great for a mid-morning snack. The Library was always among my favorite spots too.
    Haven’t been anywhere new this week. Stopped at a couple of regular places where NEW faces always appear so that is always an adventure. You are a busy busy gal…

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