Studio at Rush Creek / Mill Valley Kitchen

My attempt at glass jewelry (the before photo)

My attempt at glass jewelry (the before photo)

The Studio at Rush Creek was offering half off a glass fusing class through Living Social recently.  I LOVE glass art and always wondered how the loveliest pieces are made, so I thought “I’m IN!” and signed up.   Last Thursday was my class, and I was so happy I did!

Photo-fused Coasters

Photo-fused Coasters - which one is mine?

Glass fusing is the process of using a kiln to join together pieces of glass into one solid, unbroken piece.  For the class, I was able to make 4 pieces of jewelry, a 6” plate, a window hanging and a photo-fused coaster.  The photo shows pieces before kilning.  About 15 other people were my classmates, and we carefully put our compositions in the kiln as we finished them.  We will all return separately to pick up our finished pieces about a week later.

The Studio at Rush Creek offers many different types of art classes, and has a coffee shop right in it!  Go and sip, snack, shop or create however much you like.  In addition to classes, you can “rent” use of their tools for various project types and go it on your own or with friends.  Children are welcome and there were three in my class.  It was a great deal, and the instructors were helpful and supportive during class.  It was really fun – I’m definitely going to take more classes in the future!

After class I stopped at a local Don Pablos for lunch.  The notable part of that meal was my server Michelle.  She was ever smiling and on cue, giving the “just the right” amount of attention to my table even though she was busy.  While the restaurant is not new to me, I really appreciate it when a server provides excellent customer service.  Don Pablos must emphasize this to employees, because I’m acquainted with two of the restaurants here in Mn, and both have excellent servers.  Thanks to Michelle here, and to Tony, Ric, Sarah and Inez at the Eden Prairie location.  Love your service – keep up the great work!

Saturday I took a jaunt to an interesting newer eatery that took me by surprise.  I don’t know what you expect when you read “Mill Valley Kitchen”, but I was thinking normal deli- or cafeteria-style dining.

I could not have been more wrong.  Having done my internet homework of finding location and checking the menu (how healthy-sounding and fresh!), I was already prepared for the chicken breast, brie and fig on baguette that I eventually ordered.  Other things that came free with lunch:

Free Valet Service

Door Greeter

Seated centrally with full view of each entrance and open kitchen

Earth friendly, purified water processed on site

Excellent, professional table service

The décor was another freebie – a simple composite of white, brown and sage green highlighted by fresh herbs growing in large clay pots and huge fresh flower arrangements of some very favorites – gladiolus, alstromeria, calla and tiger lilies and hydrangeas!

I’m not sure if every diner in the place looked better because of the food, the décor or the amenities, but I swear we did!  Mill Valley Kitchen provides an uplifting dining experience without gouging the pocketbook.  My bill was less than $20.

Pink Gladiolus

Gladiolus are my favorite summer flower no matter what color!

I’ll be bringing my out-of-town guests here to dine, definitely.  And it’s no wonder that my “must have” purchase at Trader Joe’s was a dozen pink gladiolus stems for my dining room table.

Exploring new places, things and eateries often gets infused with revisits of my favorites.  While doing “new” this week, I included Don Pablos and Trader Joes.  I also made a regular visit to the ½ Price Bookstore.  At one time, all three of these places were new to me.  Had I not gone in the first time, they would not be my favorites today.  I encourage you to find some new favorites of your own– I’m sure you can, and I bet you’ll be happy you did!

I’d love to read your comments – have a great week!


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  1. As a person who enjoys all kinds of crafts, I liked hearing about the glass art. It is something that I have wanted to try, too. I am now determined to find a class near me. Thanks. Here in Michigan the Don Pablos places also have good service!

    Linda Lee

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