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Divorced and Fabulous in Minneapolis is just over five weeks old.   I really appreciate all of you who have supported the blog by commenting and/or subscribing so far (thanks so much!)   I look forward to building an online community that supports its members by sharing how our individual experiences with new places, things and eateries enhance our lives.   I hope to inspire you to frequently do something new, no matter how big or small.

My “new” experience this week is about becoming a blogger for the first time.  Now that I’ve been at it a few weeks, I’m surprised at people’s interest in blogging.

So, let me answer the three “most asked” questions people have about this blog in case you are wondering, too.

• The reason for my blog is first to entertain.  Sharing my experiences with “the new” gives me great joy, and I’m hoping you enjoy reading about them!  Second is to inspire you to look for and appreciate novelty you encounter as you go through your regular week and weekends, too.   It’s rewarding and I recommend it highly.  Third, my eBook “Make Your Divorce Cost You Less” was written for people before and during divorce. Many people requested I write for after divorce, too.  This blog is meant to be a positive and continuing discussion of how to rebuild your life after divorce.  It’s just a bonus that “fabulous” can be achieved no matter what your marital status or where you happen to be!

• More is planned.  As we build our community, there are many ways we can share fun and frolic right here each week on the blog! There will be more polls, contests with prizes and other cool stuff, too! I can’t share specifics with you right now, but there are fabulous developments that you will be among the first to see!  Who knows where the fun and frolic will lead us, yes?

• Not every new thing I do for the blog is fabulous. That happened for this week’s place, actually.  I won’t be sharing it, because the blog is about positive experiences only.  We all have enough to complain about – “fabulous” is all I’m interested in for purposes of the blog.

This week’s eatery, however, was a fabulous visit with my friend Bonnie at Il Gatto (The Cat).   I’m a sucker for a new cocktail, and the “St. Germain Cocktail” did not disappoint.  The calamari we shared was good, too. Bonnie is a lovely lady who knows all the best places to go in the Twin Cities.  She’s fascinating, fun and people love to meet and speak with her because she’s just so…well, fabulous!

What new place, thing or eatery did you “do” this week? Please share with us. Telling others your positive experiences makes what you did even more enjoyable. Try it by commenting this week, okay?

p.s. – I’m SO excited about next week’s blog – be sure to come back and check it out!


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