Sky Rock Farm / Burger Jones

photo of "jumper" stallion in stable

"I'm not Mr. Ed, but Hello!"

This is Lonestar, a Holsteiner Hanoverian gelding residing at Sky Rock Farm.  He was the first of many jumpers I met last weekend at Sky Rock Farm, and he’s one very tall horse.  He is 16.1 hands (5’5″) tall from ground to withers (the bump connecting his neck to his back) and his head is probably three feet above that.  Lonestar likes to smoke the competition in both low and high Adult Jumper divisions.  Here he is at work:

Lonestar is said to be very much a volunteer who loves his job. His ground manners are impeccable and his personality A++

But this day he was serving as stable greeter to the Sky Rock Farm’s Open House.  I met several of his stablemates while touring the stables and gated pastures, and took photos of the Nunn Organ Collection also on the grounds.  Click on the links for the farm and organ collection above, and you will get a real feel of the farm and what it offers.  It indulged me several “loves” of my life – of horses, merry-go-rounds, and music.  The day also took me reminded me of the beauty in passion no matter whether the subject is flesh-and-blood or fabricated.  While does a much better job with the photography, here are two that I took of the collection:

Merry-go-round at Sky Rock Farm

Oh, to be a kid again!

A view of one room

Even the walls enhanced the collection

I had a lovely couple hours at Sky Rock Farm, and enjoyed a “thank you for coming” root beer float.  It was a beautiful drive there and back that reminded me of my youth and living near similar horse farms.

Earlier in the week I dined at Burger Jones in Uptown.  I’ve been interested in trying it ever since I first saw the sign!  As they say on their site, “no one can satisfy a jones for a burger like Burger Jones”.  I knew that was what the sign was implying, and it did!  You can tell by looking at the menu‘s subsections that you’re in for a treat – “Starts and shareables”, “malts and shakes”, “specialty burgers”, “sort-of burgers” and “the dog park”.  They even have lists for burger accessories called “The Cheese Board”, “Patty Wagon” and “do-it-yourself”.  You can make your burger “chronic”, and sides come with ten different types of dipping sauces (in addition to ketchup and mustard).  I won’t even get into the fun beverages listed on the menu, but whatever concoction you want in a bun, Burger Jones probably offers it on a regular basis.  Seriously, they have the most fun menu I have ever seen!

I bellied up to the bar and had my excellent bartender/server order his favorite for me – the “black and bleu” burger and onion rings with chipotle aioli.  My meal appeared on a small cookie sheet (lots of room to maneuver and make a mess – what a great idea!) and smelled delicious.  It was delicious, too – I didn’t put a single additional condiment on the burger and four onion rings constituted a larger and tastier serving than any fast food restaurant!

Trendy and youthful Uptown is the perfect setting for Burger Jones, and I imagine they have a large fan base.  I know I’m one, and I can’t wait to “jones” for a burger again!

What new place, thing or restaurant did you experience recently?  Please share – I’d love to hear how novelty enhances your regular schedule and life!


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