Dan Patch Days (Savage) and Blvd Kitchen & Bar (Minnetonka)

The Blvd in Minnetonka, MN - a view of the dining area

This was almost my exact view!

Part of being divorced and fabulous is that you can make snap decisions to try something new.  I did so while out running errands last week.  I spotted the Blvd (pronounced “boulevard” – how intriguing, yes?).  Remembering that one shouldn’t shop for groceries on an empty stomach and having been oh-so-curious about what was behind the sign for months, I strolled in on what became a perfectly fabulous lunch.  I’m glad I did!

Although the Blvd was busy, I was greeted and seated immediately.  Table service was on cue and impeccable from beginning to end.  The decor was simple, yet had great character (tin ceilings, red-bricked walls, planked wooden floors).  These things are only part of the overall Blvd experience, and ones that caring owners wanted available for you to enjoy.

Blvd Royal burger and how it appears in front of you

That's a pretzel bun, and that's how it comes!

Menus make a strong statement about a restaurant.  It can say “we have the same thing you can get anywhere” or “we’d like to offer you something different”.  The Blvd’s menu exclaims the latter.  Check out the Blvd menu here.  It was hard to choose just one of the offerings – lobster mac and cheese, mushroom and arugula flatbread and the special of soft shell crab being among them.  I settled on the Blvd Royal w/cheese as the pretzel bun caught my attention. The burger comes with fries or you may upgrade to truffle fries.  I decided on the regular, but have since learned the truffle fries are “to die for”.  Another new experience, another time.

What was my favorite part of lunch at Blvd?  The personal carafe of water sitting in front of me to insure a never-empty glass?  That I was seated just inside the patio dining section so I could enjoy the cool interior breeze and sunny Minnesota day at the same time?  The mango-tini that had “just the right” amount of sweet and tart to be truly enjoyable mid-day and mid-week?  None of these things by themselves could be “best”.  It was the ambiance that stood out – the idea that the Blvd was a special place that nourished and entertained groups wearing business casual, moms with their children as well as divorced and fabulous me equally.

Saturday I went to the Savage Dan Patch Days.  Dan Patch is the “World’s Greatest Harness Horse” and “King of Pacers” and was raised in Savage in the early 1900’s.  Every year Savage holds a weekend festival in his honor.  Over 10,000 people attend in the space of three days.   My mission was to attend the Lifetime Fitness’ Strongman contest.  I’ve not been to one before.

Let me break here and give a tip to divorced ladies everywhere – if you enjoy “eye candy”, then this event and town is where you can find it!  Handsome men were everywhere,  to my great satisfaction.  Not just the “strongmen” either.  From the personal trainer who chatted with me awhile from the sidelines (hi Josh!) to the dad with two little ones in tow, to almost every man in uniform, Savage can boast some striking and friendly male specimens.  That’s just another benefit to being divorced and fabulous – you can look and interact as much as you like!

Back to the blogging…the strongman contest included a strongwoman event, and everyone had to flip tractor tires, toss kegs over a pole behind them and pull a Hummer to see who would earn the strongest “man” and “woman” trophies.  Tshirts were earned by all the entrants, but a spectator had a great one I’ll share.

Strongman flipping a tractor tire (25 times, I think it was!)

Strongman flipping a tractor tire (25 times, I think it was!)

Strongman tossing keg 8' up and behind him!

Strongman tossing a beer keg 8' up and behind him!

Strongwoman pulling a Hummer

Strongwoman pulling a Hummer (it's harder than it looks!)

Best t-shirt found at Dan Patch Days

T-shirt says, "Fat people are hard to kidnap". Funny and makes sense at the same time!

Pie eating contest!

Also got to see the pie-eating contest (the prize? A year's worth of pies!)

Alan Johnson - Comedy Juggler Extraordinaire!

and Alan Johnson - Comedy Juggler Extraordinaire!

So, in following through on my commitment to visit one new place or thing and one new restaurant each week, I allowed myself to visit a lovely new restaurant and fun afternoon I probably wouldn’t have otherwise!

I encourage you, dear reader, to do something new, too – a place, thing or event.  When you do, try to do so with only the goal of exploring the “newness” of it.  You may find that you enjoy a regular lunch or festival more just because you’ve never done exactly it before.  I know I do, and that’s why I’m sharing with you!

I look forward to posting next week.  In the meantime, please share your new experiences with me by posting a comment!  By the way, thanks to the folks who have subscribed so they get my new posts emailed right to them – I really appreciate you and hope you enjoy the blog!


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