Laughter Yoga / Breadsmith

Laughter Yoga is cheap, easy, fun and good for you!

Laughter Yoga is cheap, easy, fun and good for you!

It’s no joke – Laughter Yoga is an exercise routine that combines laughter, light movement and breathing to help with whatever ails you.  We all could use another reason to laugh, yes?

Laughter Yoga may sound silly, but it’s based on two principals.  One is that laughter is the best medicine.  Second is the scientifically proven fact that our bodies cannot tell the difference between manufactured or genuine laughter.  Laughter is good for both your body and mind.  Laughter Yoga, created in 1995, currently has more than 7,000 clubs in 65 countries.

No matter what your age or condition, it’s easy and provides instant benefits.  Workouts everywhere are free and offered regularly.  You don’t even have to be ill to attend!

Don’t worry about the word “workout”, either.  Show up in whatever you’re wearing.  Stand or sit, as you prefer.  If you’re a family or friend of mine in Michigan, you can visit the Davison Laughter Yoga club.  They hold meetings every week there.

A view of downtown Minneapolis

A view from our classroom - the third floor balcony of the SuperComputer Building!

So my new place this week is the Laughter Yoga Club meeting I attended last Thursday near downtown Minneapolis.

Denise was substituting for regular instructor Jody Ross, and she did very well.  Her laughing is natural and lovely to hear.   She coached six of us through warm-up, laughter exercise, sustained deep laughter (no kidding, for ten minutes!) then guided relaxation as if she had done it for years.  The fact is, she’s only been at it since March.  I was most surprised to be so uplifted and calm afterward.  Several of us took our time leaving, and I’m looking forward to my next one!

It was so fun that I’m considering becoming a certified Laughter Yoga instructor myself!

For my new restaurant of the week I wandered into Breadsmith.  It’s a lovely bakery that smells sweet and cinnamon-y as soon as one sets foot in the door.  My cinnamon roll was excellent – so soft and tasty.  My not-divorced-but-still-fabulous friend Carol’s favorite is the chocolate babka rolls.  The bakery originated in Wisconsin with a goal of providing a “french experience” right here in America.  Currently Breadsmith can be found in fourteen of our states.

Honestly, I could have lingered in that lovely aroma for hours.

My two adventures cost me a couple bucks for the baked good and perhaps a gallon of gas.  I feel it’s a bonus when you get a lot of fun and frolic for your dough!

What new places, restaurants or things have you done in the last week?


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  1. Yes, we all need more laughter don’t we? Our visit with it at Moss Envy was fun too. Sounds like you will be back for more.
    Have loved breadsmith for years. I go there every week and every time the smell reminds me of my Grandmother’s kitchen.

    • Everything is more fun whenever it’s with you, Bonnie! If you’d like to join me for more Laughter Yoga classes, we’ll arrange it! A couple others are also interested in accompanying me/us in upcoming weeks…

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