Edina Art Fair / Edina Grill

Last Saturday was perfect for an outdoor event.  It began as an absolutely lovely sunny seventies and got into the eighties by mid-afternoon.  My “not-divorced-and-fabulous” friend Carol had mentioned the Edina Art Fair, so that is where I chose to accomplish my “one new place and one new restaurant” adventure this week (please check out this blog’s “about” page for more information if you like).  I decided a dress and 2” heels would be a good way to walk around outside.

I tend to be an early-bird, so I was there about fifteen minutes after the opening, around 10:15 am.  My first opportunity to park was already four blocks away from the heart of the event at 50th Street and France Avenue.  I enjoyed viewing homes and yards from the sidewalk as I approached an already bustling affair.

50th and France boasts many manicured lilac hedges to stroll by close enough to smell them.  Lilac is one of my favorite scents, and my steps slowed every time I smelled it.  I was also struck by how picturesque the four corners were even though cleverly costumed by sidewalk displays, white-tented booths and food carts.  There are many interesting storefronts here, and I noted to self to come back at a later time to investigate inside them.

Of course, good art fairs are just full of the unique, unusual and beautiful, and the Edina Art Fair was bursting with it.  After visiting a dozen interesting booths I had to quit counting – there were just too many.  So many talented people offering their originals in one place!.  And although it is not my habit (for I am adverse to lugging baggage around), I found myself toting three bags with “had to have” purchases in them.  I’m not sure if it was the weather, the atmosphere or the niceness of everyone I encountered, but the Edina Art Fair was an absolutely fabulous way to enjoy the day.

About mid-way through my four-hour adventure I happened into the Edina Grill for a bite and sip.  This restaurant had been referred to me before, and I was happy to find it and cool off inside.  I bellied-up to the bar and first ordered a much needed-and-refreshing iced tea.  Then, as it is my firm belief that any weekend outing can be improved with champagne, I ordered a Mimosa along with Penne Gorgonzola for lunch.  Two ladies beside me ordered an appetizer of carmelized brussel sprouts (ick – can you imagine it?).  As much as I dislike those little green cabbages, I have to admit that they looked very appealing when they showed up.  The ladies said they were delicious, too.

All in all, the Edina Grill was a happy place to enjoy my lunch.  I’ll be returning, as I am intrigued by their cucumber-infused tequila.  You can order it straight or in a Cucumber Pear Margarita.  I may have to return with a friend and experience them both ways.

My three shopping bags, 2” heels and I sashayed through the rest of the booths before finding our way back to the car.  I happened to spot the renowned Wuollet Bakery and stopped in.  I then cruised the west side of Lake Calhoun on my way home via the “scenic route”.  These places were also firsts, just for the record.  I arrived home late afternoon well-satisfied with my most enjoyable day.

So, last week I achieved my goal of one new place and one new restaurant.  If you count Wuollets and Lake Calhoun, that’s four in one day!  Check back next week to see what fabulous things I find in Minneapolis next!

What new thing  or things did you do in the last week?  No matter how big or small or where (even at home counts!), I’d love to have you share it.  Anything goes, as long as it was a new thing and you enjoyed it!

Have a great week, yes?


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